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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Steve Staunton
Ireland's improvement continued slightly with two successive 1-0 home victories over Wales and Slovakia which brought Ireland close to contention for second place in Group D of the UEFA Euro 2008 qualifying groups. Such was the surprise that greeted the results that RTE presenter Bill O'Herlihy concluded the coverage of the Slovakia game with the comment, "Ireland are now in contention for qualification for Euro 2008. Who would have thought it?"
In March 2007, Staunton was forced to assess the younger players on the fringe of the squad with two 1-1 draws against Ecuador and Bolivia.
On the 22nd of August 2007, Ireland's morale was briefly raised with a 4-0 win in a non-competitive match against a barely competent Denmark.
Yet on the 12th of September Ireland's chances of qualification for Euro 2008 were effectively over after a 1-0 defeat to the Czech Republic in Prague. Four days earlier a victory over Slovakia was surrendered in the dying seconds after a late equaliser. Ireland went into those games without winger Damien Duff and full back Steve Finnan, and both were key losses to the under pressure Ireland manager who is now facing further calls for his resignation.
Ireland must now win their remaining three games, including a home game in October to Group leaders, Germany, to stand any chance of qualification for next Summer's finals.

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