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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Aspley, Nottingham
Aspley is a suburb of the city of Nottingham. It is located within the boundaries of Nottingham City Council.
It adjoins the nearby estates of Broxtowe and Strelley. Akin to both, at one time it had a dubious reputation for social problems associated with crime and poor housing, but has benefited in recent years from regeneration and redevelopment work. Including the recent regeneration near the Aspley lane shops, where new carparking spaces have been added as well as the pavement and road surfaces being resurfaced. This includes the whole of Melbourne Road.
Aspley was formerly almost entirely comprised of council-owned houses. Since the 1980s, however, most of the houses have passed into private ownership. Aspley has a good selection of shops and good transport links (by bus) with Nottingham city centre and surrounding areas. There are several schools in Aspley of varying degrees of excellence, among them Trinity Roman Catholic Comprehensive School [1], The Nottingham Bluecoat School and Technology College. It also had the since demolished William Crane school which in 1999 finished joint bottom in the GCSE league tables. When William Crane school was closed it caused controversy over the remaining students that needed to find a new school.
It also contains Melbourne Park, just off Melbourne Road, King George's Park which lies between Beechdale Road and Aspley Lane, and until 2004 the Commodore, which has now been demolished and replaced with a local Sainsbury's.

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