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Sunday, September 23, 2007

European National Front is a coordinating structure of European far-right extremist, Third Positionist, anticapitalist, anticommunist and nationalist parties.

The European National Front is headed by General Secretary, elected by ENF Assembly. The current General Secretary is Roberto Fiore.

General Secretary
The Political Council is the founder's staff of the ENF. It safeguards the idea and principles of ENF. The Council can be increased by unanimous will of cooptation. It represents the Front outside, and confirms applications for ENF membership. The Members of the Council belong to ENF Assembly.

Political Council
The ENF Assembly defines the tactics and strategy of ENF. The Assembly consists of representatives of the movements belonging to ENF and members of Political Council.v

European National Front Co-ordination Centre
Legal registered political parties/movements that accept the principles, aims and structure of ENF can apply for membership. The accession to ENF must be submitted by authorized representative of the applicant and then confirmed by Political Council.
Current members:

Forza Nuova (Italy)
National Democratic Party of Germany (Germany)
Noua Dreaptă (Romania)
Patriotic Alliance (Greece)
La Falange (Spain)
Renouveau Francais (France)
National Revival of Poland (Poland) Affiliated Groups
No member of the "European National Front" has achieved entry into the European Parliament.

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