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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Harvard Medical SchoolHarvard Medical School
Harvard Medical School
Harvard Medical School (HMS) is one of the graduate schools of Harvard University. It is a prestigious American medical school located in the Longwood Medical Area of the Mission Hill neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.
As of Fall 2006, HMS is home to 616 students in the M.D. program, 435 in the Ph.D. program, and 155 in the M.D.-Ph.D program. HMS M.D.-Ph.D program allows a student to receive an M.D. from HMS and a Ph.D from either Harvard or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (see Medical Scientist Training Program).
The school has a large and distinguished faculty to support its missions of education, research, and clinical care. These faculty hold appointments in the basic science departments on the HMS Quadrangle, and in the clinical departments located in multiple Harvard-affiliated hospitals and institutions in Boston. There are approximately 2,900 full- and part-time voting faculty members consisting of assistant, associate, and full professors, and over 5,000 full or part-time non-voting instructors.
Prospective students apply to one of two tracks to the M.D. degree. New Pathway, the larger of the two programs, emphasizes problem-based learning. HST, operated by the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, emphasizes medical research. Starting with the class of 2010, the New Pathway curriculum is being revised in an effort led by Dean of Medical Education Jules Dienstag.
The current acting Dean of the medical school is Dr. Barbara McNeil, M.D., founder and Chair of the Department of Health Care Policy and a radiologist, following the retirement of Dr. Joseph B. Martin at the end of June 2007. According to a July 2007 news release by the Harvard Gazette, Dr. Jeffrey S. Flier, Chief Academic Officer of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and a diabetes specialist, will become the new Dean on September 1st, 2007.

These three institutions are often referred to as the "Harvard Trinity" by students and faculty. This is because their affiliations have been in place for the greatest period of time and every department is directly affiliated with the medical school.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital Major teaching affiliates

Children's Hospital Boston
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Mount Auburn Hospital
Joslin Diabetes Center
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
McLean Hospital
Cambridge Hospital
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
The Forsyth Institute
VA Boston Healthcare System Teaching affiliates

Student life
Every winter second year students at HMS write, direct and perform a full length musical parody, lampooning Harvard, their professors, and themselves. 2007 was the Centennial performance as the Class of 2009 presented "Joseph Martin and the Amazing Technicolor White Coat"

In Samuel Shem's book, The House of God, the medical school and its students are referred to as BMS (Best Medical School/Students). The novel is set in the famed Beth Israel Deaconess hospital in Boston where the author spent his internship year.

In fiction

John R. Adler - academic
Robert B. Aird - academic
Tenley Albright - figure skater
William French Anderson - geneticist
Christian B. Anfinsen - chemist
Jerry Avorn - academic
Herbert Benson - cardiologist
Roscoe Brady - biochemist
Henry Bryant - physician
Rafael Campo - poet
Ethan Canin - author
Walter Bradford Cannon - physiologist
William B. Castle - hematologist
George C. S. Choate - physician
Aram Chobanian - President of Boston University (2003-present)
Stanley Cobb - neurologist
Ernest Codman - physician
Michael Crichton - author
Harvey Cushing - neurosurgeon
Allan S. Detsky - physician
James Madison DeWolf - soldier; physician
Peter Diamandis - entrepreneur
Daniel DiLorenzo - entrepreneur; neurosurgeon; inventor
Thomas Dwight - anatomist
Edward Evarts - neuroscientist
Sidney Farber - pathologist
Paul Farmer - infectious disease physician; global health
Harvey V. Fineberg - academic administrator
John "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald - Mayor of Boston (1906-08; 1910-14)
Judah Folkman - scientist
Bill Frist - U.S. Senator (1995-2007)
Atul Gawande - surgeon, author
George Lincoln Goodale - botanist
Ernest Gruening - Governor of the Alaska Territory (1939-53); U.S. Senator (1959-69)
I. Kathleen Hagen - academic, murderer
Dean Hamer - geneticist
Alice Hamilton - first female faculty member at Harvard Medical School.
Michael R. Harrison - pediatrician
Bernadine Healy - Director of the National Institutes of Health (1991-93); CEO of the American Red Cross (1999-2001)
Ronald A. Heifetz - academic
Lawrence Joseph Henderson - biochemist
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. - physician; poet
Yang Huanming - academic
William James - philosopher
Mildred Fay Jefferson activist; first African American woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School.
Elliott P. Joslin - diabetololgist
Nathan Cooley Keep - dentist
Jim Kim - physician
Charles Krauthammer - columnist
Aristides Leão - biologist
Philip Leder - geneticist
Simon LeVay - neuroscientist
Joseph Lovell - Surgeon General of the U.S. Army (1818-36)
Karl Menninger - psychiatrist
Randell Mills - scientist
Joseph Murray - surgeon
Amos Nourse - U.S. Senator (1857)
David Page - biologist
Hiram Polk - academic
Geoffrey Potts - academic
Morton Prince - neurologist
Alexander Rich - biophysicist
Oswald Hope Robertson - medical scientist
Wilfredo Santa-Gómez - author
Alfred Sommer (ophthalmologist) - academic
Felicia Stewart - physician
Lubert Stryer - academic
James B. Sumner - chemist
Helen B. Taussig - cardiologist
John Templeton, Jr - president of the John Templeton Foundation
E. Donnall Thomas - physician
Lewis Thomas - essayist
Abby Howe Turner - academic
Richard Urman - academic
George Eman Vaillant - psychiatrist
Milton Viederman - psychiatrist
Mark Vonnegut - author
Joseph Warren - soldier
Andrew Weil - proponent of alternative medicine
Paul Dudley White - cardiologist
Leonard Wood - Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army (1910-14); Governor-General of the Philippines (1921-27)
David Wu - Member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1999-present)
Jeffries Wyman - anatomist Fictional alumni

Longwood Medical and Academic Area
List of Harvard University people
Harvard School of Dental Medicine

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