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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Saint Ormisdas
Pope Saint Hormisdas was pope from July 20, 514 to 523.
He was born at Frosinone, Campagna di Roma, Italy. Saint Hormisdas was a widower and a Roman deacon at the time of his accession to the papal throne. His son became pope under the name of Silverius.
One of the new pope's first cares was to remove the last vestiges of the Laurentian schism in Rome, receiving back into the Church those adherents who had not already been reconciled. Most of his papacy was concerned with healing the schism that had existed since 484 between East and West brought about by the Acacian schism. The schism was the result of Acacius of Constantinople's attempt to placate the Monophysites. The church of Constantinople was reunited with Rome in 519 by means of the confession of faith that is called The Formula of Hormisdas.
In art, Hormisdas is portrayed as a young man with a camel. He is the patron saint of grooms and stable-boys.
Saint Ormisdas Catholic Encyclopedia article

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