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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Viper may refer to:
In animals:
In comics:
In computer science:
In engineering:
In film and TV:
In games:
In music:
In sports:
In SCUBA diving:
Viper, any member of the family Viperidae, a group of snakes found throughout Africa, Eurasia and the Americas.
Viper, Agkistrodon piscivorus, a.k.a. the cottonmouth, a venomous snake found in North America.
Viper, Heterodon platirhinos, a harmless colubrid found in North America.
Viperfish, any member of the genus Chauliodus, a deepwater fish.
Viper (Marvel Comics), a supervillain in the Marvel Universe
Viper Comics an independent publisher of comic books and graphic novel trade paperbacks
viper-mode is a vi emulation mode for Emacs
Viper, a nickname for the F-16 Fighting Falcon jet fighter
Viperjet, a civilian F-16 made from a kit
Dornier Flugzeugwerke Viper air-to-air missile
Rolls-Royce Viper a jet engine first produced by Armstrong Siddeley then Bristol and later by Rolls-Royce
Wolseley Viper, a V8 aero engine produced by Wolseley Motor Company
Viper Dart and Viper Falcon, types of sounding rockets based on the Loki (rocket)
Viper (rocket), an anti-tank guided missile
Viper AGM-80A, an air-to-surface missile
VIPIR (radar), a weather radar system
Dodge Viper, a model of automobile produced by Dodge
DB2 Viper, the next generation data server from IBM
MicViper, a reference design from Micronas for a dual-channel ATSC receiver PCI Express card
VIPER (processor), the name of a processor design in the 1980s, standing for Verifiable Integrated Processor for Enhanced Reliability
Viper Security System, a car security system manufactured by Directed Electronics, Inc.
VIPeR is a robot developed by Israeli company Elbit Systems intended for use in warfare.
Viper is one of three Mega-Looper roller coasters manufactured by Arrow Dynamics.
Viper (TV series), an American television series about a morphing Dodge Viper used to fight crime
Colonial Viper, a fictional starfighter class used in the television series Battlestar Galactica
Thompson Viper, a FilmStream camera
Viper (porn star), an adult film star in the 1980s and early 1990s
Dr. Viper, a villain on SWAT Kats.
Steel Viper, a thrill ride at Valleyfair amusement park in Shakopee, Minnesota
Viper Squad, the enemies of Manta Force in the Manta toyline
Viper (G.I. Joe), the general name of several types of soldiers from the Cobra Organization in the G.I. Joe universe toyline
Viper Hyper Animation series, a hentai computer game series by Sogna
VIPER (Hero System), a.k.a. "VIPER: Coils of the Serpent", published by Hero Games for their Hero System
Viper (Six Flags), a roller coaster at various Six Flags amusement parks
Viper 5, an SMG in the PC game S.T.A.L.K.E.R
Viper, a Scourge hero in DotA Allstars (Warcraft III : Frozen Throne map)
Viper Records, an New York based independent record label (since 2000)
The Viper Label, a Liverpool, England based independent record label (since 1999)
Viper (band), a Brazilian heavy metal band
The Vipers, an Irish Punk/Pop band of the late 1970s
Viper, is a colloquial term used in the jazz subculture for a marijuana user
The Vipers, 60's Psychdelic/Pop band
Newcastle Vipers, a British ice hockey club playing in the Elite Ice Hockey League
St. Louis Vipers, a defunct roller hockey team from St. Louis, Missouri
Viper (wrestler), a professional wrestler wrestling for NKW
Nutley Vipers, a baseball team in Nutley, NJ started during 2006-current
VIPER is a new make of mixture rebreather made by Carleton Life Support It is a unit capable of being operated from 0 to 95 meters.
Viper (drink), a heavily caffeinated drink
Viper, a term used in 1920s to describe a Heroin addict, also a heavy marijuana user.
Viper Tactical Gear, a brand of tactical equipment including holsters and pouches. Official Website
VIPER (Video Identification Parade Electronic Recording), a system of identifying suspects by presenting witnesses with, usually moving, images - used increasingly by police in the United Kingdom as an alternative to traditional identity parades.

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