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Monday, March 10, 2008

Generally a chronicle (Latin chronica, from Greek χρονικά (from χρόνος)) is a historical account of facts and events in chronological order. Typically, equal weight is given for important events and less important events, the purpose being the recording of events that occurred. This is in contrast to a narrative or history, which focuses on important events and excludes those the author does not see as important.
Scholars categorize the genre of chronicle into two subgroups: live chronicles, and dead chronicles. A dead chronicle is one where the author gathers his list of events up to the time of his writing, but does not record further events as they occur. A live chronicle is where one or more authors add to a chronicle in a regular fashion, recording contemporary events shortly after they occur. Because of the immediacy of the information, historians tend to value live chronicles over dead ones.
The term often refers to a book written by a chronicler in the Middle Ages describing historical events in a country, or the lives of a nobleman or a clergyman, although it is also applied to a record of public events. Various contemporary newspapers or other periodicals have adopted "chronicle" as part of their name. Various fictional stories have also adopted "chronicle" as part of their title, to give an impression of epic proportion to their stories.
A chronicle which traces world history is called a Universal chronicle.

Chronicle List of notable chronicles

Anglo-Saxon ChronicleBritain
Annals of InisfallenIreland
Annals of the Four MastersIreland
Annals of Spring and AutumnChina
Bodhi VamsaSri Lanka
Books of ChroniclesMiddle East
Chula VamsaSri Lanka
Dioclean Priest's ChronicleEurope
Croyland ChronicleEngland
Dipa VamsaIndian subcontinent
Froissart's ChroniclesWestern Europe
Galician-Volhynian ChronicleUkraine
Henry of Livona ChronicleEastern Europe
History of the Prophets and KingsMiddle East and Mediterranean
Jans der EnikelEurope and Mediterranean
Jerome's ChronicleMediterranean and Middle East
Kano ChronicleNigeria
Lethrense ChronicleDenmark
Maha VamsaIndian subcontinent
Nabonidus ChronicleMesopotamia
Paschale ChronicleMediterranean
Qu'ranMiddle East
Records of Three KingdomsChina
Russian Primary ChronicleEastern Europe
Chronicle of the SlavsEurope
Swiss illustrated chroniclesSwitzerland
Zimmern ChronicleGermany

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